Alsalhi Media

Since 2003 and we love that we participate in business and social, not for money, but because we love making success of any business venture or social in the Arab world in particular and the whole world in general, you can say that we have the talent and the determination and enthusiasm , And you can see this talent through our work , And you can feel this talent when we are talking to you and when the conversation ends with success , We love our work and we celebrate each success, and we love our customers also

Mahdi Majid



Established our expertise in the field of marketing through the spiritual father Majid Al-salhi, an expert in the field of economy and trade since 1965 , Co-Founded a group of companies in Kuwait , Europe, Egypt and USA but in the field of e-marketing we started in Middle East since 2003 and offline Marketing in Europe since 1997



Our Team

Talent. Knowledge. Experience. Professionalism. Who we are, shapes Alsalhi Media. And helps shape our clients brands. We take what we do, seriously. Always striving to do it, the best way we can. Yet, we enjoy our work, and have fun doing it. We see the joy in life, and in the work we do every day. We like to share that joy with our clients, while we share our successes and theirs.



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