Search Advertising
Search advertising, also known as pay-per-click advertising or PPC, puts your paid search advertising alongside search results whenever a user enters relevant keywords into a search engine. Because of this, search advertising is highly targeted: it reaches an audience who are actively searching for related products or services, and it also allows you to tailor your search advertising copy to the precise words they use. The pay-per-click advertising model means you only pay for actual clicks on your ads, ensuring cost-effectiveness and giving great control over ROI

Our advertising partner :

Google Search Engine Advertising prices
Depends on the number of clicks and keywords , Contact us To determine the price

Delivery Time Frame:
3-10 Days

The cost of establishing and managing this campaign start from 5% to 25% of total price

Free: Alsalhi Media will design 1 online page (Land Page) and link it to your search advertisement and host it on our server by free , if you don't have website or online page. You can put details of your product on this page


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