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Network Advertising

Online Network Advertising are one of the most effective means available for increasing the reach and frequency of an online advertising campaign. Network Advertising include many different web sites, allowing advertisers to reach a broader audience than they would be exposed to through buying inventory on a single site or channel
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Search Advertising

Search advertising, also known as pay-per-click advertising or PPC, puts your paid search advertising alongside search results whenever a user enters relevant keywords into a search engine. Because of this, search advertising is highly targeted: it reaches an audience who are actively searching for related products or services
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Complete advertising campaigns

Plan , Establish and Manage Search advertising campaign , Network advertising campaign , Mobile advertising campaign , Bulk SMS , plus all tools you need , also Web design , hosting , and management , everything you need to Start really BIG advertising campaign
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Landing Pages Design

You want to establish online ad campaigns of search advertising , Network advertising , but you don't know where the interested online people will land after they click your banner or your ads ? and you don't want to pay more money to make a website ? We will design Landing page for you , and you can put Information about your company or details of your product
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Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is a very effective solution that enables you to send promotional SMS messages to more than one recipient at the same time ensuring direct reach to your targeted customer & prompt feedback. In just one click, you can send Greetings on festive seasons. Promotions and special offers. New product and pricing updates. Meeting announcements and appointment reminders. News, bulletins and information about your company
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Mobile Advertising

People use mobile devices differently than desktop computers, so it probably won't surprise you that people also interact differently with ads on mobile devices than those on desktop computers. Setting up a separate mobile ad campaign helps ensure that your ads can be as effective as possible , Mobile-specific campaigns are designed for high-end mobile devices with full Internet browsers, such as Android devices and iPhones
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Online Surveys

We have great Online surveys solutions , Give Your Customers A Voice! Wouldn't it be great if you could read the minds of your prospects? If you could climb inside and see exactly what they're thinking, what they want in a product or service, and what it would take to make them lifelong customers
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Analytics and Statistics Tools

Every company, regardless of size, requires multiple tools to understand the performance of its website, happiness of its customers and gain key context from competitors

Alsalhi Media Team will establish and manage Analytics and Statistics Tool on your website or online page , Our team will send reports weekly , monthly and yearly to your E-mail
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Advertising Banners Design

We design top-notch static and animated banners, that drive clicks, for your online advertising campaigns
Our clients are very important to us, so we go an extra mile on every order. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a strict non- disclosure policy, as well as on-time delivery ,We make sure that we cooperate with you to create a banner that will get your business going and growing
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